Funny Twitter Accounts


Twitter may sometimes feel like an endless maze of retweets and spam, but there are still plenty of humorous accounts that help keep it manageable – here are a few examples! Check out the Best info about google SEO.

Author Alec Sulkin is known for his brilliant dark humor in his tweets and parody account is definitely worth following!

Elizabeth Hackett

Elizabeth Hackett is an award-winning screenwriter known for her work in romantic comedies such as Geek Charming. Her tweets on Twitter are humorous and engaging, garnering thousands of followers who follow everything from toast-love to her marriage and even talks about writing with partners, pirate movies and life in Los Angeles!

The Oatmeal is an immensely popular webcomic and humor account known for sharing topical illustrations and satire. Their Twitter account serves as an entertaining source for humor snippets from their comic, including Twilight-related tweets!

The Dark Lord is an author and screenwriter with an irreverent sense of humor, making his Twitter feed one of the funniest accounts to follow on Twitter. Men’s Humor provides another humorous space where only men find humorful things; both accounts offer excellent sources for comic relief!

The Dark Lord

If you enjoy sarcasm and cynicism, follow The Dark Lord’s Twitter account! A parody of He Who Shall Not Be Named from the Harry Potter series, it perfectly captures his evil persona with humor. Packed with Harry Potter insults and magical pessimism as well as popular culture references, this twitter account features it’s wicked wizardry into trending topics as well. Select the best white hat SEO backlinks.

Girls often have much to say, and the creators of this hilarious Twitter meme have mastered the art of selecting and compiling some of the more ridiculous comments made by female celebrities and students alike. You will find everything from annoying things they say to family and friends to what their opinions on celebrities are; all are sure to bring laughter into your day! Follow this Twitter meme if you want a good chuckle!

Matthew Inman, commonly referred to online as @Oatmeal, is a celebrated web designer known for publishing hilarious comics on his website and Tweeting them out via his hilarious Twitter account. Another entertaining Twitter meme is the parody AP Stylebook that pokes fun at standard writing guides used across publications; similarly there are numerous amusing Twitter accounts such as Denny’s (tweeting like it were an individual instead of being corporate brand) or Pakalu Papito who vents about everyday issues and romantic relations via his account tweetings!

James Breakwell

James Breakwell is a father of four daughters who has become a mini-celebrity on Twitter for his hilarious tweets of conversations between himself and his children. His account, @XplodingUnicorn, boasts over one million followers – one of the most followed parenting accounts on the platform! His tweets capture childhood in all its madcap glory in ways sure to resonate with parents everywhere. How do you choose the dofollow forum profile backlinks?

The Xploding Unicorn account is not meant to offend or embarrass his daughters; rather it allows him to share some of the amusing things they say and do on an everyday basis. He describes his content as an animated TV movie-esque show with some embellishments added for comedic effect; no actual names of his daughters are used online; pseudonyms are only ever used to protect privacy and prevent prying eyes from discovering where they reside or attend school.

Family Guy fans and anyone interested in Stewie Griffin should follow this parody account for some lighthearted Twitter fun. It features spot-on imitations of Stewie’s sarcasm, disdain for his family, and pursuit of world dominance – it’s sure to provide hours of amusing Twitter fun!

Clueless Tweets

For fans of the 1990s cult film Clueless, this Twitter account depicting Cher in present-day is sure to please. With all its trademark humor from the classic movie and modern references that anyone will get, this account captures all that Clueless stands for while remaining accessible and relatable today.

Stacey Dash has received numerous racist tweets after publicly endorsing Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate. Dash tweeted a picture of herself wearing a red Baywatch-inspired swimsuit with the message, “Vote Romney for your future!”

Men’s humor can often go overlooked, but not with this Twitter account that offers humorous messages just for them! Any guy with an excellent sense of humor should definitely follow it for some laughs.

You’ll find plenty of hilarious tweets on this popular account that mock The New York Times and other news organizations, making for a fun way to stay informed without falling prey to clickbait articles.

Eli Braden is an award-winning comedian best known for his appearances on the Howard Stern Show and other programs, where his unique brand of deadpan humor will leave you laughing out loud. Additionally, he wrote Clueless on Twitter, which features hilarious quotes and advice derived from Twitter; find more one-liners by following Eli on social media or by tuning into one of his television shows!