Children Learning Reading Reviews: The Ultimate Guide for Parents


Are you looking for a way to teach your child to read? Do you want to give your child the best possible start in life? Do you want to avoid the frustration and disappointment of ineffective and outdated methods? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you must read this article. I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about Children Learning Reading, a revolutionary program that has helped thousands of parents teach their children to read in a fun and easy way.

What is Children’s Learning Reading Program?

Children Learning Reading is a program that teaches your child to read using phonics, the proven method that experts and researchers endorse. Phonics is the process of learning the sounds of the letters and how they combine to form words. Phonics helps your child develop the essential skills of decoding, comprehension, and fluency.

Unlike other programs that rely on sight words and whole language, Children Learning Reading does not force your child to memorize words by their shape or appearance. Instead, it teaches your child to read by understanding the meaning and structure of words. This way, your child can read any word, even if they have never seen it before.

Children Learning Reading is designed for children aged 2 to 7 years old, and it consists of two stages. Each stage has a step-by-step guide and a set of lessons that are easy to follow and implement. The classes are short and engaging, and they only take 10 to 15 minutes a day. You don’t need any special skills or materials to teach your child, just a few books and some enthusiasm.

Why Consider This Product?

Are you a parent looking to give your child the best start in their reading journey? Look no further than the Children Learning Reading Phonics Foundations Reading Program! Created by a veteran reading teacher, this fantastic Program is designed to teach any parent how to teach their child to become a tremendous reader quickly.

With the Children Learning Reading program, your child will gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed and reach their full potential. This Program has been meticulously crafted, with each of its 32 step-by-step phonics lessons designed to ensure your child understands and retains the concepts being taught.

But don’t just take our word for it. The effectiveness of the Program is supported by scientific research and evidence. Countless parents have also raved about the Program, providing testimonials that highlight the positive impact it has had on their child’s reading abilities.

Product Specifications:

Program Type:Phonics Reading Program
Number of Lessons:32
Included Resources:Flashcards, lesson printouts, lesson videosMP3 audios for phonics sounds
Extras:Illustrated lesson storybooks, Super fun phonics games, Children’s Favorite Nursery Rhymes Book
Price:$39 (69% off the original Price of $129)

Features and Benefits

Engaging Learning Resources:

Learning should be fun, which is why we have included flashcards, lesson printouts, lesson videos, and MP3 audio. These resources keep your child engaged and actively participating in their learning experience. Additionally, beautifully illustrated lesson storybooks and fun lesson activities make learning enjoyable for your child.

Value-Packed Lessons:

The Phonics Foundations Reading Program includes 32 comprehensive phonics lessons, providing you with a comprehensive curriculum to follow. Each class is carefully crafted and easy to follow, ensuring your child grasps the fundamentals of Reading.

Bonus Nursery Rhymes Book:

To enhance your child’s reading skills and instill a love of reading from an early age, we have included the Children’s Favorite Nursery Rhymes Book. With 35 fun rhymes, your child will have a blast reading and learning at the same time!

Super Fun Phonics Games:

Learning should never be a chore! That’s why we’ve included super fun and engaging phonics games that have been proven effective in reading classes. These games and activities make the learning process stress-free and ensure that your child looks forward to their reading sessions.

Product Quality:

We are committed to providing the highest-quality reading program for your child. The Phonics Foundations Reading Program has been created by a seasoned reading teacher, ensuring its effectiveness and adherence to proven teaching methods. Each lesson is meticulously crafted to guarantee your child’s understanding and retention of the concepts being taught.

What It’s Used For

Building Confidence and Motivation:

By instilling a love for reading from an early age, this Program helps build your child’s confidence and motivation. The carefully curated resources and activities keep your child engaged and excited about their Reading progress, generally ensuring that they develop a positive mindset towards learning.

Enhancing Language Skills:

Reading is a crucial component of language development. By teaching your child to read with this Program, you are providing them with a solid foundation for communication, vocabulary expansion, and overall language skills.

Building Strong Reading Foundations:

The Children’s Learning Reading Phonics Foundations Reading program is designed to teach your child the basic skills needed to read. Through step-by-step lessons, engaging activities, and fun games, your child will build a strong reading foundation that will serve them we’ll throughout their academic journey.

Nurturing Parent-Child Bonding:

Engaging in this Program with your child not only helps them develop essential reading skills but also fosters a strong parent-child bond. Actively participate in their learning journey; you can celebrate their achievements together and create lasting memories.

Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive curriculum with step-by-step lessons
  • Engaging learning resources and activities
  • Effective phonics games for stress-free learning
  • Bonus Nursery Rhymes Book to enhance reading skills
  • Supportive Teach Your Child to Read Newsletter


  • Digital download only
  • Requires parental involvement and commitment

Tips and Tricks For Best Results:

  • Establish a consistent reading routine.
  • Engage in interactive read-aloud sessions with your child.
  • Celebrate your child’s progress & achievements along the way.
  • Make reading a fun experience for your child.
  • Utilize the provided resources to enhance the learning process.

Final Thoughts:

The Children Learning Reading Phonics Foundations Reading Program is a comprehensive and engaging program designed to help parents teach their children to become amazing readers. With step-by-step lessons, engaging resources, and bonus materials, this Program provides everything you need to support your child’s reading journey.


Is there a specific age range for this Program?

The Children Learning Reading program is suitable for children aged 2-7. However, older children can still benefit from the Program if they need additional support in Reading.

How long does each lesson take to complete?

Each lesson typically takes around 10-15 minutes to complete, making it easy to fit into your daily routine.

Can I use this Program if my child has no prior reading experience?

Absolutely! The Program is designed for children at all reading levels, including beginners. The step-by-step lessons will guide both you and your child through the learning process.

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