Malta Yacht Charters


Malta yacht charters allow you to discover this breathtaking archipelago at your own pace, whether with family or friends. Azure Ultra offers luxurious onboard experiences for each crewed yacht charter experience in Malta. Discover the best info about rent a boat in Malta.

From lush beaches to UNESCO-listed monuments, Malta offers a world of cultural treasures. Visit the charming medieval walled city of Mdina for a stroll back in time or discover baroque cathedrals and historic palaces.

The best time to go

Malta and its sister islands of Gozo and Comino offer an idyllic cruising ground boasting clear blue waters. A yacht charter in Malta is an extraordinary event that allows you to discover this archipelago in ways you never could before – be it exploring UNESCO heritage sites, timeless fishing villages,, or biological hotspots. Valletta itself is an eye-catching city full of elegant palaces, baroque cathedrals,, and delicious cuisine – take a stroll down its narrow streets for fine cuisine at one of many acclaimed restaurants – try Stuffat tal-Qarnit for something truly unforgettable.

Malta is a trendy luxury yacht charter destination, and it’s easy to see why. Offering an abundance of experiences all year long, Malta makes the perfect setting for an enjoyable charter yacht experience. To avoid crowds and hot temperatures during peak summer months, visiting during the April – October shoulder season would be best.

At Malta Archipelago, you’ll still have plenty of historical sites, lively cafes, and world-class cuisine to discover, yet with reduced crowds. Furthermore, weather conditions tend to be pleasant with cooling autumn breezes. Sailing yachting experiences offer ideal water temperatures, and empty beaches on Malta Islands are also provided, with yacht charter packages also being perfect. Malta truly packs adventure into every square kilometer it covers!

Bareboat charters

Malta’s stunning beaches, ancient harbors,, and azure waters make it the ideal location for a yacht charter vacation. Relax by the water while taking advantage of all that Malta has to offer—there is something here for everyone.

Bareboat chartering is a popular sailing holiday option, allowing you to rent your vessel on a rental agreement and captain it yourself. Although this arrangement can often be cheaper than hiring a fully crewed yacht, bareboat charters should still be taken seriously as there can be risks and liability issues associated with them. Novice sailors could potentially be held liable for third-party damages caused by their actions. To reduce these risks, take out skipper liability insurance as well as charter deposit insurance to protect against this possibility.

With a yacht charter, you can experience everything Malta has to offer from Valletta’s capital city and islands of Gozo and Comino – from exploring rocky cliffs and sapphire seas, strolling through Malta’s historic towns, or snorkeling and diving enthusiasts paradise. To ensure an enjoyable yet safe cruise, Sailo makes it easy for you to reach out directly to skippers via its blue “Message Boat Owner” button on each boat page on Sailo – hit that blue button when selecting one!

Safety regulations

Malta is a Mediterranean gem, filled with cultural and historical splendor, breathtaking natural island gifts like its timeless fishing villages, and biological hotspots—an unforgettable archipelago to experience over one day if cruising is your mode of transport! A yacht charter provides the ideal opportunity for exploration.

Malta yacht charters open up a world of spectacular sailing grounds. Ancient forts loom majestically above sapphire seas while mysterious shipwrecks lie hidden deep below. Crystalline waters make diving and snorkeling spectacular experiences, while Malta’s limestone formation has produced breathtaking landscapes filled with caves and rock pools that await discovery.

All yachts must comply with the regulations set by the Malta Maritime Authority to ensure your safety, including lifesaving equipment that has been approved and certified as SOLAS compliant and MED. Furthermore, passengers are limited and should not exceed the maximum capacity of the vessel, according to the vessel certificate.

Additionally, all vessels should be adequately maintained and insured; should an accident occur, its owner or master should report it immediately to authorities. Furthermore, vessels must maintain an up-to-date fire control plan, which is displayed prominently.

Additionally, captains and crew must abide by these regulations but should refrain from taking drugs or alcohol when sailing. Such substances can impair judgment and lead to accidents when sailing in rough weather or high winds; respecting both the environment and local culture is equally as essential.

Vessels for rent

Malta, Gozo,, and Comino offer picturesque waters and beaches that make for an incredible yacht charter experience. Whether you’re relaxing on a private beach or discovering ancient harbors and historic sites, Malta’s exquisite scenery and seaside attractions will ensure that your vacation experience remains one-of-a-kind!

Malta offers ideal yacht charter conditions during its peak season, with warm temperatures and calm seas that combine to provide an idyllic setting for sailing and snorkeling enthusiasts alike. Crystalline water, sandy beaches, Baroque churches, and its unique history all combine to offer the ideal backdrop for yacht charter enthusiasts, with many ancient temples and fortifications designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites by UNESCO itself.

If you are an experienced sailor, renting a boat in Malta and exploring its coastline solo may be more appealing to you than hiring a skipper – these services start from EUR100 per day and can take you to hidden restaurants and other exclusive destinations.

Rent a yacht through Click&amp Boat’s platform to experience Malta’s natural beauty in style. Connect with local yacht owners to find one that meets your budget and needs. Depending on your preferences or skill level, you can select either bareboat or crewed yachts.